Your Life May Inspire Someone

Be unafraid to tell your own story, even if it’s not exciting in your eyes.

Maria Hayes
4 min readDec 6, 2021


I was listening to the MindValley Podcast on my way to work the other day and the guest (who I am completely blanking on his name) said, “If you don’t feel like you have anything to say, you do. All you have to do is share your story.” I’m paraphrasing, but he went on to say that we all have a story. We have all walked different paths and even though you may feel like your stories are mundane and ordinary, that’s because you’ve already lived the emotion of it. You’ve already felt and learned the lesson from it. But, someone else may need it, whether you think so or not.

So, this has stuck with me for the past few days. I just need to tell my story. That’s it. Just share my life experiences with you and stop trying to overthink them.


But not really... telling my full story means being completely vulnerable. That shit is scary.

That’s the only way I am going to continue to grow and evolve and learn. The things that make us nervous are actually feelings of excitement wrapped in emotion. That’s how we know our soul wants it. Could things go wrong?


But, don’t you think that’s the exciting part? The not knowing could turn into something so brilliantly beautiful that you could never dream up yourself. And if it doesn’t, then I’ll bet you all the money in the world that there is a lesson that will come of it.

I started thinking about the stories I have. I tell certain ones to certain people depending on the context of whatever conversation I’m having. And I’ve heard more than once, “Damn. You could write a book.”

I’ve never really believed that. I consider that the highest compliment after somebody reads my writing or listens to a silly story I have. Why shouldn’t I tell you about it? I do have some pretty great ones when I start thinking back. I bet you do too.

Maybe you’ve traveled somewhere on a whim.

Maybe you’ve been in a really bad accident and lived to tell the tale.

Maybe you’ve followed your passion and reaped the rewards, both monetarily and…



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